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1. How can I buy products from Monimo?

You can buy products in different ways. See below:

Shops and onlinestores
Our products are available both in physical stores and online retailers. Click here to find them.

You can easily order directly from our webshop. In the webshop, you will see our full range.

2. Is it really waterproof?
Our products have a water column of 5000mm. It means that the withstand pressure of 5000mm water on a surface of 1mm. We have done several tests of the water density. If you pour a jug of water onto the blanket, it just runs off leeaving your blanket totaly dry.

The same applies in the other direction. Should any baby or dog make an accident on the rug, the liquid won´t draining through.

3. Can I really wash Monimos products?

Sure you can. Monimos products can be washed at 40 degrees. Let the products dry flat and pat the coat a bit with your hand to get the perfect look again.

4. I really feel the cold, can a Monimo hand warmer rally keep my hands warm in the winter?

Monimos Hand Warmer is tested down to minus 20 degrees. A normal person does not need to have extra gloves under. Let not Monimos products lay out when not in use, then it takes a while before one's own body heat warms up the products.
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