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About Monimo
Monimo was founded by Johanna Tibell-Gartz.

This is Monimo and my journey:

During countless winter walks with the stroller and my first child, I became increasingly cold, and irritable. I got tired of taking on and off my gloves to give my baby their dropped bottle, pick up a piece of fruit or toy. Instead of accepting life, I decided to find a solution to the problem. That was what happened when the first Monimo Stroller Hand Warmer came into the world. My mummy friends cheered and applauded my idea as they also wrestled with cold hands.

When the first Monimo StrollerHand Warmer come into the world, after much searching for the best fabrics and technical solutions, what I found was so lovely that I took opportunity to make both a baby blanket and a mini hand warmer for the child.

In autumn 2008, I launched my warming collection of Monimo BABY products.

The name Monimo is personal in nature and something my husband and I called my pregnant tummy for nine months. Monimo stands for happiness, love and pride and is a name that our son still hear sometimes.

Since 2013 we have also launched PETS, HOME, MARINE and GOLF collections and you will find Monimos products both in Sweden and abroad.

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